About me

Dr. Aimée Slangen 
I am a researcher interested in sea-level change. I like to take a broad approach and study both global and regional sea-level change in response to climate change. I include as many contributions as possible (oceans, ice, land, etc) and look both at the recent past (20th century) and at projecting future changes. I am interested in many facets of sea-level change, such as 1) projecting future regional sea-level changes 2) attributing sea level changes, and in particular the regional differences, to natural or human forcings 3) the influence of sea-level rise on the coast, and 4) the closure of the 20th century sea-level budget. 

As of January 2017 I am a researcher at the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, in the Department of Estuarine & Delta Systems (EDS). I am leading the NIOZ research on understanding and projecting (regional) sea-level change, and on translating sea-level change to the coastal/delta/estuarine environment. I am a founding member of the NIOZ Sea Level Centre. I did my PhD-research on regional sea-level modelling at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research in Utrecht (IMAU) and defended my thesis in December 2012. I then moved to Tasmania for a 3-yr postdoc at CSIRO with John Church, followed by a 1-yr stint in the UK (but working for IMAU). I was a contributing author on IPCC AR5 Chapter 13, the work from my PhD formed the basis for Section 13.6: Regional Sea Level Change. 

Twitter @AimeeSlangen | ORCID http://orcid.org/0000-0001-6268-6683